• Monestevole

    Driven by the idea to create a space where not only we as a family can meet but also the heart of a project starts to beat, a family from Germany took over the Agriturismo in 2021. The idea was to step out of an everyday life and into something fulfilling: being surrounded by nature and animals, get in contact with sustainable living and also create projects in terms of healing, teaching, craft and gardening. Our vision is to combine these branches of a tree with a common root: awareness to what is important and fulfilling for each one of us. We are just at the beginning and excited to plant this little seed of our vision. As Monestevole is a beautiful place to share- and it gets more and more beautiful with every visiting soul- we invite you to stay with us, living in the lovely restored farmhouse and enjoying the tranquility and peaceful atmosphere around here.

  • During Your Stay

    During your stay, you have the opportunity to share time with and within nature. We have horses, pigs, chickens and dogs at Monestevole. In our fruit and veggie garden we constantly learn what it means to live self-sufficient.

    Sustainable technologies are part of daily life here. Our energy comes from photovoltaic solar panels, our water is heated by thermal solar, we harvest rain water to irrigate the fields and flush the toilets and we recycle gray-black water in our living filtration system. Our pool is cleaned with salt. In the winter, our heating is powered by a wood-burning stove. We are constantly working to improve the structure with renewable energies, recycling, water treatment, compost, permaculture and green architecture.


    Additonal services available on request include onsite massage, onsite yoga lessons, additional housekeeping, taxis & excursions.

    A beautiful model of sustainable living and celebration of Umbrian culture, this unique property invites you to relax and enjoy the beauty of the land and savor your very own slice of the Italian good life.