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Welcome to Season 5!

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Hello from Filippo, and welcome to our new site!

We've been working on it for a while, special thanks to Adrienne who put the whole site together from scratch over the winter!

We've decided to put all the Tribewanted projects under one roof to simplify the experience for our guests and to simplify our lives. You can now find all Tribewanted past and present projects here on

Special attention has been given to Monestevole because it is our home, the only project we manage directly and the only one we are in involved with day to day operations. We also wanted to make it more clear that the projects in in Sierra Leone, Bali and Papua New Guinea are not Tribewanted-run projects anymore; we helped jump start the project, we spent time with the local community, we loved them and now we are suggesting to our community to go and visit them, each project is independent from us and each project is different, so go with an open mind!

With this new approach we hope to be able to showcase many more like-minded projects around the world besides the ones in Bali, Sierra Leone and Papua New Guinea that deserve some positive press. In the months to come we'll be adding "picks of the month", do a little blurb about each new project and promote them on our "projects like us" section.

The fifth season in Monestevole just got started and we have many additions to the team: Nicolo's better half, Carolina, has moved in with us and is a great addition to the kitchen and offers Ayurvedic and Balinese massages; Fiona, an immersee from last November, joined the team for the season as a hospitality volunteer, and Matteo, an acquaintance of mine from Italia che Cambia, is helping out with hospitality and is launching our new urban gardening project.

We have completed the new glass green house for our lemons around the "sala musica" and the veggie green house by the permaculture gardens is all planted and fertile, full of home made bio-char! We have welcomed 13 new piglet arrivals from a great mama pig, Matilda is officially a grandmother!

We have just finished a successful Yoga Teacher Training with Erin Pinchard and are about to welcome our new immersees for 2017, who will be with us for the next month, getting their hands dirty and living like a local. Here are some upcoming highlights for the season:

Nature in Small Spaces -Urban Gardening, with Matteo and Nicolo'

28 June - 3 July
To give our guests the opportunity to apply what they learned in Monestevole in urban settings, a terrace or a small backyard.

Monestevole's Green Summer Camp: The Classroom is everywhere!

19 - 26 August.

Special package for families: kids 8-18 welcome!


Permaculture Design Course, with Michel Thill

27 August - 9 September

Want to become an official permaculturist? Come join Michel and Nicolo' on this intensive two-week training.

Here is to a great season, more news to come in the coming months!

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