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As The System Grows

· Education,permaculture,Sustainability

Spring is now settled, the panoplies of blossom is taking on on all levels, from grassland to trees the sweet awakening of spring operates its magic.

It moves the heart to see all the trees you planted few years ago becoming more vigorous and starting to bear their first fruits and you patiently wait to taste them.

But not only the trees, your compost pile gives off a greater yield of its precious black gold you see the soil you worked on for a few seasons becoming darker, the topsoil grows, it becomes darker and softer, the population of earthworms increases, the work on your back becomes lighter.

“It works!” you rejoice internally. All the theory you read in the books, or heard in workshops, all the attempts you designed and put into action to increase the fertility and biodiversity of this place start to pay back! Where there was bare land, life starts to thrive with green, flowers and bird songs. It is a quiet fulfilling satisfaction that gently soaks through your being.

Here is a note that a teenager left here:

If you have a child, a younger sibling,
Or a youth that you are close to,
Please believe in them,
Because they have a power within
No one knows about.
Trust them and make sure to support them
No matter what!

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